The Story Behind
Date Detour

Sisters launch dating startup Date Detour, creating dates designed to be different for Aussie couples.

By Cindy Kam

22 May 2018, Sydney: We aim to keep romance well and truly alive for couples looking for unique, memorable experiences.

Founders, sisters Cindy and Maz Kam said Date Detour was born out the desire to bring back romance and mystery in an ever increasing digital dating scene.

“We are all so time poor now and dating has now been reduced to a swipe on a screen, we wanted to bring mystery and excitement back to romance and we wanted to take the hassle out of planning so the  couple can both  enjoy and be surprised together,” the sisters said.

Their signature, mystery date has been the most popular offering since Date Detour’s launch earlier in the year. The couple are simply told the dress code, the time and address. There is also an option to subscribe to one mystery date per month for those wanting to invest in their relationship and forfeit date planning control.

“It’s such a unique and quirky experience, something we couldn’t have planned on our own,” Crissy Gamas said.

Also on offer are curated bespoke date experiences tailored to personal needs – perfect for an anniversary, birthday or special occasion. From date night, to road trip to weekend away, options vary to suit all budgets.

“We really want to save new couples and long term loves from the old dinner and movie. Being surprised and discovering something new together is such a special experience and we are really happy to be bringing mystery and romance back,” the sisters said.